Organising my life with the Daily Greatness Journal (+ win your own!)

Organising my life with the Daily Greatness Journal (+ win your own!)

If there's one technique I really believe works when it comes to getting the most of every day and achieving the things you really want, it's setting goals. Huge, bold "can I really do that?" goals, that you can then break down into monthly aims and then daily tasks that get you closer to where you want to be.

Plus, as a freelancer, I'm always on the lookout for things that are going to help me get organised and get more things done.

For me, the Daily Greatness Journal ticks both of these boxes. (I'm also giving you the opportunity to win your own... but more of that in a moment!) 

Daily Greatness

I first stumbled across Daily Greatness a couple of years ago, and became obsessed with filling it out. The basic idea is that using the journal , you can "consciously create your days". What does this mean, exactly? Well, each morning, you sit down with your journal and set your intentions for the day. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by work and people and life, that days can just keep going by with you barely managing to stay afloat, and not getting any closer that big goal you really, really want to achieve. 

The journal begins with a series of inward-looking exercises to complete. You're encouraged to really dig deep and think about what you want in life, and how to get there, and break that up into manageable steps. So, for me, that might be getting my novel published. The smaller steps are to refine my outline, work on my manuscript, and submit to agents. This can be split up even further into write 2,000 words, edit, refine. You're also given space to celebrate yourself with the things you've already accomplished, and to think about your values and why you want what you want.

Your Greatness Blueprint takes every area of your life (health, relationships, work, money etc) and provides space for you to create roadmaps as to how to achieve these.

These preliminary exercises take time to complete, and I'd advise not rushing through them. Challenge your answers and really push yourself to explore each one. Why do I want that? What can help me get there? You might be surprised at what you find out.

The bulk of the planner is made up of daily pages, for you to fill in each day and night (though they're undated, so no worries if you miss a day). Carving out the time at the beginning of the day to work out what exactly you want from those 24 hours means that you're more conscious in your own life. The daily pages of the journal provide you with space to write these intentions down to make them more real, as well as room for to-do lists, reminders and creative space to write whatever you please.

It's also just as important to reflect and consider as it is to plan, so there's space to meditate on the day. What went well? What was interesting? Where was I strong, and how can I improve? Taking this time helps you to learn from each day, rather than just letting it float by unmarked or unnoticed.

Each Sunday, there's a weekly check-in to fill out, to see how you're progressing with your goals. There are also check-in points every 90 days. What have you achieved? What can you celebrate? Are you closer to your goals? If not, what habits can you change to make it happen? Checking in like this holds you accountable - just taking the time to stop, take a breath and look around is so so valuable when it comes to self-development.


At the very end of the journal is a yearly review. If you've kept to daily journalling and making improvements, I bet you'll have some pretty incredible things to write here.

Personally, I plan to use my journal to keep going after bigger and better projects in my career as a freelance writer. I feel like everyday I'm just treading water and trying to keep to deadlines, when really I should be making time to seek out the projects that really excite me. If I start each day with a clear intention like this, it's so much more likely to happen than if I just roll out of bed and dive straight into emails.

As I mentioned before, I'll also be using it to keep me on track when it comes to my novel. But there are so many other things in my life that could use a bit of attention - I want to do yoga daily again. I want to beat my 10k personal best. I want to get involved with a volunteer programme, and complete my TEFL. I want to spend more time around like-minded people I click with. I hope that this journal can get me there.

I want it to help you, too.

Because now we're on to the very exciting part. I have one Daily Greatness journal to give away to one of you fabulous creatives! If you're interested in taking the time to carve out and achieve your goals and be more present in every day, all you have to do is head over to my Instagram (@bambijanetravel), follow me, then comment on my picture of the journal with what goal you'd really love to achieve by the end of the year. It could be anything - getting a promotion, setting up your own business, getting fit or saving money to buy a house. It couldjust be to feel happier and more content in yourself.

The giveaway ends 31st March. Good luck!

More about Daily Greatness: Check out their full range of journals, or follow them on Instagram.

* I was gifted a Daily Greatness Journal in exchange for an honest review, but I really do love it, and used mine to death a couple of years ago.

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