I’m a fiction writer with a bit of a soft spot for the strange and magical. My work has been published in WASTE magazine, Beyond the Walls, Discorder Magazine and Creative Writing Heals II.  I’m currently querying my YA/adult crossover dark fantasy, CITY OF SERPENTS, and am also working on a modern ghost story set in a circus.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been writing. The first book I ever wrote was aged 11 - it followed a girl who gets sucked into a washing machine and discovers another world (no joke). Needless to say, that particular tome is now relegated to a drawer beneath my bed. I’d like to think my ideas have come along a little since then, but the need to always be writing has stuck with me.

These days, I write for both young adult and adult audiences. My literary interests include feminist characters in fantasy fiction, circus narratives, the gothic double and the history of Scottish witchcraft. I can’t resist darkly magical settings, or landscapes which become characters in themselves.

I have a degree in English Language and Literature from Newcastle University. I’m also studying for an MA in Creative Writing at York St John, and am a student blogger for the university. I love performing my work, and was recently part of the Enemies Project Camarade Event, in which I collaborated on a piece for performance with a student from another university.

Have a little browse at some of my fiction and more creative editorial. I hope you enjoy!